Verso Café is established next to the renown Verso multibrand store in the beautiful former bank building at the ‘Lange Gasthuisstraat’ in Antwerp. Over the years Verso Café has evolved remarkably and has ever since become one of Antwerp’s finest lunch and aperitif spots.

The focus of Verso Café was already from the beginning to the present an original, refined cuisine in a cozy and unique setting: a combination that is very much appreciated by a loyal and ever growing public. Their enthusiasm about this lunch and aperitif spot is reflected by the passion of their dedicated team in front of and behind the scenes of Verso Café.
Recently, the team welcomed a new member: in the kitchen Joris Hoefkens took charge as head chef. Having made his marks in restaurants as “Nuance, Hof Van Cleve, Hofke Van Bazel and Volta”, he was itching to leave his own creative vision on the menus of Verso Café.

"We certainly do not want to make a style break with the past", assures manager Tobias Carron, "but it is good to keep on evolving by inviting innovation." Therefore some beloved classics remain on the menu, supplemented by original creations of the new chef. "In addition, it remains very important for us to listen to what the costumer tells us," adds Tobias. "It is unique that about half of our visitors appear very loyal often weekly. We have always taken in account their feedback in our kitchen, and so it will remain."
In terms of the core values which make Verso Cafe so special, the seamless succession appears already guaranteed. Joris gets inspired mostly by fresh seasonal products, which he respects in their uniqueness. "The dishes have to be surprising and refined, but they still have to remain recognizable and affordable," says the young chef. The card is also still focused on the lunch and famous tapa formula during the afternoon, which makes Verso Café a favorite place for business people, shoppers and those who understand the art of “taking an aperitif” like no other.
"We will always set out our card and service in that way so we can quickly serve our guests when they have just a short lunch break to spend with us," says Tobias. "But we also remark that more and more people want to take some extra time. They start with a dish 'to share' and then choose their main course. This is no longer a quick bite during shopping, it becomes a real gastronomic experience.
What makes Verso Café still unique is that the price-quality proportion remains exceptionally favorable. "We want guests to leave here with the great feeling that they got more than they might have expected," summarizes Tobias. And to reach that effect again and again, the renewal is important. "We have a lot of good ideas, and Joris also came on board with a lot of energy and a fresh perspective," says Tobias. "It is now important that we take the time to convert all that inspiration into a beautiful new chapter in our story!"